1917 Diary of Harold Peach (transcript)


Inside page:
H Peach
52 Blackfriars St.,
London, Ontario

Lost my dear Mother April 14-17.
Vic left for France Saturday, 21st April
Stan blown up June 3 in Eng June 7
I pop up xxxx him June 11th
Had my last letter from me July 8.
Rose sent me on Will
first letter as a Ma [Madge?]
it was so beautiful
that I made a copy of it.
I got it July 6.17
If anything happens to me, Ester has my will in tin box.
What I assign over to Madge is all of just
a Ester.

List [likely Xmas]:
Dad Harp
D&R M. bnoss
B&A P. bnoss
E&W Cushion
D&H Gates of Heaven
N.S.V.L. L. brushes
Uncle Will Heart
Aunt Gennie ”
Minse Wreath
Mr & Mrs W ”
Jaukes ”
Hill Mattock ”
Marsh & Lam ”
A&B ”
Plackist Grove ”
C.E. ”
Tooby ”
RAMSGATE [Ramsgate is a seaside town in the district of Thanet in east Kent, England. It was one of the great English seaside towns of the 19th century. In 1915–1916, early aircraft began to use the open farmland at Manston as a site for emergency landings. The location near the Kent coast gave Manston some advantages over the other previously established aerodromes. During the First World War, Ramsgate was the target of bombing raids by Zeppelin airships. By 1917 the Royal Flying Corps was well established and taking an active part in the defense of Britain. There was an established hospital there for wounded in WW1]


Jan 1 Monday: ‘Nice day; mild. Went, saw about. Pictures in afternoon. Wrote to M [Madge, possibly girlfriend] & G. Brown. Had parcel, cake ate. Pictures of children. Evening went to Queen [likely Queen Charlotte, pub in Ramsgate] with Hugh. Stroll around front [sea front].
Jan 2 Tuesday: Nice day, but rain at night, in afternoon. Wrote to Ester, D. Wigham. For evening had Choir Pader. Stroll home with Mrs F. had letters from Vic and Ma, also Bittle.
Jan 3 Wednesday: Nice day. In afternoon had fire drille, in evening went for stroll with Hugh, W.F. Letter from Sister Paton, Horace T. Wrote to girls at R&I
Jan 4 Thursday: Wet morning but turns out fine afternoon. Met Mrs Culton on 6 seems very surprised. Walked to Broads with Will & Fred in the evening [likely Broadstairs. Harbour Parade, Ramsgate to Harbour Street, Broadstairs. Distance: 5 miles (8km) circular – allow 2.5 hours for the circular and 1.5 hours one way]. Went to Palace with Will & Fred then stroll home. Grand night. [The Palace Cinema, Harbour Street, Broadstairs].
Jan 5 Friday: Fair day in afternoon. Wrote to Ma, Vic & Sister Paton. In evening met Win & Fred. Went for a stroll to Pywell [possibly pub?] and home. Rather enjoyed.
Jan 6 Saturday: Fair day but cold. No news. Wrote M [Madge, girlfriend?] in afternoon. Evening was grand. Waited to meet Mr Culton but never saw him, so drop him a line.
Jan 7 Sunday: Fine day till evening, then turned out wet. In afternoon, met Hugh. Walked to Broadstairs. Home for supper then went to St George’s [St George, the Martyr, Ramsgate] church mid-night.

Jan 8 Monday: Fair day; went for walk in afternoon. Evening went to star [?] with girls; family gone.
Jan 9 Tuesday: Fine day; went down to try and fine [find] Mr Cutton; in evening had walk along front with Willie. Wrote Horace & Alf Williams
Jan 10 Wednesday: Grand day; in evening walk to Pegwell Bay […is home to a large stretch of sea cliffs and is an area of great geological interest. The bay itself is considered a nature reserve of international importance as it is home to a range of seashore birds and wildlife found nowhere else in East Kent.] was grand – Willie & I. Had letter from Mrs Gallon.
Jan 11 Thursday: Wet afternoon walk to Broadstairs; had tea, then back to Ramsgate for Palace [cinema]; very good Jane [?]; then walked home – W & I.
Jan 12 Friday: Cold day, but rained in evening; in morning I was up for orderly Room some fern?; evening George & I walked downtown. Had parcel Mrs W. since 9 Nov.
Jan 13 Saturday: Fair day; went downtown in afternoon; in evening went to pictures with Comp [Something, such as a theater ticket or a book, given free of charge] – Willie & Fred. Wrote M and Mrs W.
Jan 14 Sunday: Fine day. Afternoon walked down P’mon (likely Ramsgate Promenade] with W & F. Home for tea; evening walk Pegwell Bay; then to xxxFryth? Had letter from Vic.

Memo – Letters this week 8-14:
From: To:
Ester Alf Williams
Mrs Gallon Horace Tucker
Mrs Wigham M.
Rosalind Mrs Wigham
Jan 15 Monday: Went downtown; had snowball fight; in evening, Hugh and I walk P your Bay had? with Fran Victor.
Jan 16 Tuesday: Cold day; in evening went to King [likely King’s theatre, Ramsgate] with usure [normal wear and tear ]. Wrote to Ester and Cooks, Vic.
Jan 17 Wednesday: Fair day; had order to be ready to move; went to King’s [theatre] with Alen, F & W. Nice time.
Jan 18 Thursday: Wet day; met W & I stroll downtown in evening. Went to show with Alex – Queen’s [theatre]; enjoyed evening.
Jan 19 Friday: Cold day; left Ramsgate 10:05, Victoria 12:20, left then 1:25 Phone xxx. East Bourne 5 o’clock. Had sup, then bed.
[Eastbourne is a large town, seaside resort, and borough in the non-metropolitan county of East Sussex on the south coast of England, 19 miles east of Brighton. In 1915, a convalescent camp called Summerdown opened in Eastbourne to treat some of the thousands of soldiers injured in World War One. The camp could hold 3,500 men at any one time and was a dominant feature in the town for the remainder of the war.]
Jan 20 Saturday: Find place; had 3 letters – m., and parcel; also p.[parcel] from Albert; letter Wls [? William] & B.H.; wrote M. in evening.
Jan 21 Sunday: Cold day. Had job in mess, been announce in after.; evening went to Presb, Church. Fine church. Vic’s birthday.

Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
15 Victor Victor 16
17 Bert Ester 16
20 M. 3 letters & 1 parcel Cooks
20 A. Janice Parcel
20 B.H. Xmas card
20 W. Gilbert

Jan 22 Monday: Fair day. Cold. Still on mess job; in afternoon walk downtown; stop in evening.
Jan 23 Tuesday: Nice day but cold; walk up on Downs in afternoon [The South Downs are a range of chalk hills that extends for about 260 square miles (670 km2) across the south-eastern coastal counties of England from the Itchen Valley of Hampshire in the west to Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, East Sussex ]. Sight was grand; stop in evening; wrote to Victor, Rosalind, Wills birthday, B.H.
Jan 24 Wednesday: Dad & I went for walk in afternoon; stop in evening.
Jan 25 Thursday: Fine day. Alex & I walk downtown; then home.
Jan 26 Friday: Fair day; got my pass; caught 7:55 for Victoria; lost last train (N.C.) [North Country? Home was Tooting, about 66 miles away from Eastbourne]; slept Y.M.C.A.; caught 5 up N.C. 12:20. Saw all folks at N.C. Had dinner, then in evening went to show. Bed 12 o’clock; very glad to get there.
Jan 27 Saturday: Up 9:30. Went for walk round town with Fred. Dinner 3 o’clock, Sat talks.
Jan 28 Sunday: Caught 10:45 for London.
Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
G. Brown 22
Ma 22
A. Saville 22
Vic 23PC
Rosalind 23PC
Stammer 23PC
Henry 23PC
Jan 29 Monday: in London from xxxxx6; went right home; Ma very sick; help do bit work; Daisy came up, evening left for Wrights
Jan 30 Tuesday: East Ham – stayed Wrights for night; went saw B.B. & I.BHO & Nish got killed in Nov. Called Wright. Slept Bert for night.
Jan 31 Wednesday: Left East Ham 9:30; saw Mr Gowers, called Snow; heard organ recital at Westminster; home then Ted & I went saw Young England [Young England was a Victorian era political group born on the playing fields of Cambridge, Oxford and Eton. Young England promulgated a conservative and romantic species of Social Toryism. Its political message described an idealized feudalism: an absolute monarch and a strong Established Church, with the philanthropy of noblesse oblige as the basis for its paternalistic form of social organization.]
Feb 1 Thursday: My last day. Whine for extention, got it. Went to Holland Pk [Holland Park is a district and a public park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in west London] in afternoon; had dinner; home 4. Vic came up evening. V. T. L. & I went to show.
Feb 2 Friday: Vic & I went saw Doctor on Cavendish St. Had good chat, then went to Ma Tavern, then home. Vic came to station with me.
Feb 3 Saturday: Fine day. First day back from leave. Had usual job. Walk in afternoon. Evening wrote M. Had letters from M., Brown.
Feb 4 Sunday: Nice day. Had fall snow during night. Wrote Wm & Mr Gallon. Went to Methodist in evening.

Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
M. 3rd Feb William 172 Links 21st
Willie 4 ” ”
Mrs G. 4 ” M.

Feb 5 Monday: Fine afternoon. Dad & I went for walk; evening I walked to Summerdown Camp to try to find Wilson. [Eastbourne’s convalescent camp during WWI. The Camp opened in April 1915 and was the first, and at the time the largest, of three purpose built convalescent camps designed for rehabilitation of the wounded from the many horrific theatres of the First World War. More than 150,000 soldiers were treated at the camp which closed in 1920.]
Feb 6 Tuesday: Fine day with frost. Went saw F. Wilson, had fine chat; in evening sat. Wrote to M., Stan, then bed. 9:00
Feb 7 Wednesday: Fine day. Pack my goods in evening alect; I went day tour 10:30
Feb 8 Thursday: Fine day; left Eastbourne by car for Seaford; had supper then went for walk with gov in evening [Guv’nor , gov, guv, means ‘boss’ in British slang. When people talk about ‘the guv’nor’ they mean ‘my boss’]; grand night.
Seaford is a coastal town in the county of East Sussex, on the south coast of England. Lying east of Newhaven and Brighton and west of Eastbourne.
Feb 9 Friday: First morning at Seaford; orderly on ground floor. Joe & I went downtown, had some eats, then home. 9:00
Feb 10 Saturday: Fine day; in afternoon went for walk down front [seafront]; evening stayed to concert, then went over to Y.M.C.A. 9:00
Feb 11 Sunday: Grand day; usual duty. In evening went to Methodist Church.

Memo – Letters this week:
To: From:
Will M. 5
Stanley Ma 5
Hemming Stan 7
Brown Winnie 7
M. 10
Stan 10
Freda 10

Feb 12 Monday: Fine day. Usual duty ward. Had letter from M. dated Aug 18 – received 12th Feb. Evening Joe & I went downtown.
Feb 13 Tuesday: Fine day. Had ward to myself all afternoon. Evening stayed to concert, then Joe & I went downtown. Had supper 9:00.
Feb 14 Wednesday: Joe & I stroll downtown in evening. Had tea and stroll, then home. 9:30.
Feb 15 Thursday: Stay in evening. Wrote letters. Had bath then to bed. Had Major in morning with broken let; shift to Eastbourne.
Feb 16 Friday: Dull day. Usual duty; wrote to M. and Ma in afternoon; in evening went to Y.M.C.A. Heard lecture.
Feb 17 Saturday: Misty day. Went downtown in afternoon. In evening Ernest & I went to two shows. Not up to much.
Feb 18 Sunday: Foggy day. I played for afternoon service; evening went to Con Church [Congregational Church: Gothic Revival chapel for Congregationalists built in 1877]. Nice service. Boys perfect [likely boys choir], then home. 9:30.
Memo – Letters this week:
To: From:
Mrs Gallon 12 M. (dated 18/Aug/17)
Mrs Bawey 12 Mrs W.
Win G. Bawey 17
M. 9
Feb 19 Monday: Still foggy. Capt turner on ward; rather interesting. Evening Joe & I went down for usual supper. Had letter from W. & Vic. 9:45.
Feb 20 Tuesday: Still foggy. Escort trip to Shorncliffe [Shorncliffe Army Camp is a large military camp near Cheriton in Kent. It was used as a staging post for troops destined for the Western Front during World War I and in April 1915 a Canadian Training Division was formed there. The Canadian Army Medical Corps had general hospitals based at Shorncliffe from September 1917 to December 1918. Shorncliffe is about 51 miles from Seaford]. Some trip. Left Seaford 12:00. Shorn 6:30. Left camp 7:00. Called House. Had good supper. Bed. Breakfast 3:30.
Feb 21 Wednesday: Had walk around Folkstone [Folkestone is a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, south-east England. The town lies on the southern edge of the North Downs at a valley between two cliff], then caught 11:20 for Tonbridge [Tonbridge is a market town in the English county of Kent]; met Win on road, rather surprised. Had nice time, home 1:00.
Feb 22 Thursday: Clear up; nice day. Had letter from Rose; wrote Vic and Win; evening gov & I had usual supper.
Feb 23 Friday: Cleared up bit. Stroll down with Joe, had supper, then home. 9:10.
Feb 24 Saturday: Fair day. Strolled downtown in evening with John; usual job, then home. 9:30.
Feb 25 Sunday: Cleared up; nice day. Evening E. & I went to Baptist Church. Then stroll home. Had letter M. 9:50
Memo – Letters this week:
To: From:
Win 22 Win 19
Vic 22 Vic 19
Rose 22
M. 25

Feb 26 Monday: Fine day. afternoon went downtown. Posted Vic’s socks. Evening went to Y.M.C.A. Had etter from Win. Boits [drinks] at cafeteria. 9:00.
Feb 27 Tuesday: Nice day. Wrote Horace & Stan in afternoon. Evening Joe & I went downtown. Had letter from Vic. 9:00.
Feb 28 Wednesday: Fine day. Joe & I had usual downtown.
Mar 1 Thursday: Had walk in afternoon. Stay in evening & work. Also wrote M.
Mar 2 Friday: Nice day. Afternoon went up on Hills. Just grand day & sight. Evening Joe & I went to usual.
Mar 3 Saturday: Fine day. Caught 12:10 train for Brighton. Had great time. Went to Hippodrome [The former Brighton Hippodrome is an entertainment venue in the ancient centre of Brighton, part of the English city of Brighton and Hove. From its construction in 1897 it has hosted an ice rink, circus acts, variety theatre, vaudeville shows] in evening. Very good, besides other sight.
Mar 4 Sunday: Nice morning, but very windy. Met Bert Wilkinson; very funny. Stay in. Wrote Win. Had letter from Ester.
Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Win 26
Vic 27

Mar 5 Monday: Stay in and wrote Sister P., Ma & Len; had letter from girls.
Mar 6 Tuesday: Left on 12:10 train for Bramshott via London. Caught 3:45 out then had 1 1/2 walk. Caught 7 :30 home; London 10:00 home 10:45 Links Rd
Mar 7 Wednesday: Home. Up 9:30. In afternoon went up. Saw Ma, home Ros for tea, then caught 8:35 Victoria; Brighton 9:45; Seaford 11:15.
Mar 8 Thursday: Usual job; went to dentist; evening just grand full moon. Walk along front [seafront].
Mar 9 Friday: Funny day; cols & snow. Evening went downtown with Ennz. Had usual supper.
Mar 10 Saturday: Fair & rained. Had nice box from Ester. Sent Dad BD [birthday] card; evening Ennz & I went downtown; had usual.
Mar 11 Sunday: Fine day. Had usual service. In evening went to Con Church. Wrote M.

Mar 12 Monday: Dad’s Birthday, sent him card. In evening, stroll downtown. Had usual.
Mar 13 Tuesday: Sent Ma B’day C. By way of change had band from D.R.L. alonce? Evening stay in.
Mar 14 Wednesday: Had ward to myself till 8:30. Then stroll downtown, and home.
Mar 15 Thursday: Nice day. Had quite heavenly[?] day. My first operation. Fellow thumb some job; not off duty until 9:30.
Mar 16 Friday: Usual duty. Not feeling too good. Had my teeth finished, then paid 4 L; evening went to Club, met Bert Wilkinson, stroll home.
Mar 17 Saturday: Nice day but not feeling well. Had day on top floor. Wrote to M. Went downtown evening. Lost my watch.
Mar 18 Sunday: Up 5 o’clock to try to find my watch. Could not; afternoon went to Brighton to Con Church, then for walk along front. Home 11:30.

Mar 19 Monday: Very windy day. Went downtown in evening, then home. Wrote Will & Geo B. 9:30
Mar 20 Tuesday: Went down to Police Station. Evening stay in. Wrote letters. Vic sent me a nice picture of himself.
Mar 21 Wednesday: Went downtown in evening. Had usual supper, then home. 9:30.
Mar 22 Thursday: Funny day, snow & sunshine. I saw to [two?] men cut up; interesting after start. First dead man I’ve seen in my life. Had letter from M.; looks like last, but not my fault.
Mar 23 Friday: Saw Military funeral from Hospital. Had walk downtown in afternoon to find my watch. Stay in evening. Read.
Mar 24 Saturday: Nice day. Was going downtown in evening about 7 o’clock and got sent back. No one allowed out.
Mar 25 Sunday: All had to stay in on Sunday and mounted guards along out – just because I want to go out.

Memo – Letters this week:
To: From:
Will 20 Vic
Vic 20 M.
Stan 20 Ester
Daisy, P.C.

Mar 26 Monday: Funny day. Joe & I went had usual supper at night.
Mar 27 Tuesday: Wet. Snow. Had supper downtown ; to more men died. 8:30.
Mar 28 Wednesday: Went round to Mrs Williamson; had grand 7 o’clock dinner and nice evening. 9:30.
Mar 29 Thursday: Went downtown; had usual supper. Then called Mr W for Stan’s box.
Mar 30 Friday: John & I went down to Brighton for 1/2 day walk to Dyke [Devil’s Dyke is a 100m deep V-shaped valley on the South Downs Way in southern England, near Brighton. Devil’s Dyke was a major local tourist attraction in the late 19th and early 20th century]. 4 mile walk sunny. Was grand. Then pictures in evening.
Mar 31 Saturday: Had letters from Vic saying was on last leave. So ask Capt Hudson. He gave me till Sunday night. Got Gunton Rd [a street in Tooting, likely where some Peach family lived] 7:30. Vic & I went for walk.
Apr 1 Sunday: Dad & Vic & I went to church ; afternoon went to Hospital see Ma, Vic & I. Daisy was there so went home with her. Stayed Bert’s for night.

Apr 2 Monday: Round Daisy 10:30; Rotten snowy day. Not feeling well, so stayed in all day. Len, Vic went to Ilford to show [Ilford is a large cosmopolitan town in the north-east of London, England].
Apr 3 Tuesday: Vic & I walked to Wanstead [Wanstead is a suburban area in the London Borough of Redbridge, North-East London] in morning. Afternoon went to Hospital; home rose 5:30, then left 7:30 for Seaford after. Fair health.
Apr 4 Wednesday: On usual job. Felt little better. Had letter from M. Then walked downtown in evening.
Apr 5 Thursday: Nice day. Evening walked downtown had usual eats. Then home.
Apr 6 Friday: Cold, wet day. Turned out tine night. Went to sacred concert at Clinton Hall [Soldier’s Club] . Fairly good. 9:30.
Apr 7 Saturday: Had nice walk in evening. Had usual supper; then home. Clock’s back 1 hour.
Apr 8 Sunday: Grand day in evening went to Parish Church with cliff; did enjoy the service; went for stroll then home.

Memo – Letters this week:
M. 2

Apr 9 Monday: Nice day. Took walk downtown in afternoon; evening had walk up cliffs by myself. First day of Light Saving Bill.
Apr 10 Tuesday: Very windy day. Archie & I walk up cliff & down front. It was grand. Got good news from Bnui Frank(?)
Apr 11 Wednesday: Funny day. Snow, rain and everything. Evening strolled downtown. Had usual supper.
Apr 12 Thursday: Fine day. Had letter from Ester, then off to Brighton. Saw Damaged Goods the film [Damaged Goods (1914) is an American silent short film directed by Tom Ricketts and Richard Bennett, starring Richard Bennett]. Had supper then to show.
Apr 13 Friday: Had ring from Dad to say Ma was sinking. Caught 10:30 train. Went right to Hospital. Ma was unconscious; stayed till 7:30 when Dad came up.
Apr 14 Saturday: Vic & I up 6. Called Dad’s work. Was there, said he just left Ma in a lovely sleep but when we got there it was her last sleep. So phone Dad. He came back to Hospital, then home. Blackest day of my life. Mother past away at 7 o’clock. I went to Alma’s & Daisy went to xxxx in evening; have chat.
Apr 15 Sunday: Bert & I went to Cem [cemetary] & chose the grave. Wright’s for supper, then to 15. Slept Bert’s – Vic & I.
Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Vic 10th Vic 11th

Apr 16 Monday: Cable Ester on Saturday. Cable Will today. Went saw Uncle Will; very upset at news. Went to Ilford to Dad. Daisy for supper. Evening called Heyward’s. Ma brought home about 9:15. Slept Bert’s.
Apr 17 Tuesday: Dad left me in charge and it was honour. About 20 XXXX, Will & Ester XXXX. Very nice service in house, then to cemetery. Quite a lot of people there & nice day. It look beautiful light.
April 18 Wednesday: Left Bert’s 8:45. Called Daisy 9. Caught train 10:05 Victoria. Vic saw me off. Seaford 1:15. Wet day; went to I notation same evening. Then I began to miss my mother who was so good to us all.
April 19 Thursday: Not bad day but felt so lonely; felt though I wanted some body.
April 20 Friday: Just grand day. Felt better wondering in garden. Capt Hudson pleased with place.
April 21 Saturday: Fine day. Work in garden. Rung Dad, A. T.L.; then killed time.
April 22 Sunday: Fine day. Felt very lonely. Just wished for my mother. Got called up 11:30. Had last letter from Vuff XXX
Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Sister P. 16 Mrs Gallon
Daisy 16 Mr Wigham
Len Dad
Vic – off to France A.T.L


[No reference found about Hawkswick Hospital, presumably at Seaford]
Apr 23 Monday: Just grand day. Enjoy myself best – I could in garden. Wrote ___ [no entry]
Apr 24 Tuesday: Another grand day; 1st one from Ma’s funeral. Usual jobs.
Apr 25 Wednesday: Just lovely day; Saw airplane alight in field just by.
Apr 26 Thursday: Another grand day. Usual jobs.
Apr 27 Friday: Fine day. Only 2 patients. Wrote letters and read. Had first letter from Vic – France.
Apr 28 Saturday: Fine day. Got 3 more patients making 6 – 3 Black.
April 29 Sunday: Grand day. Saw same airplane alight. Looks fine.

Memo – Letters this week:
To: From:
Will Bert
Win Mr W.
Bert Daisy
Cherrie Stan
Daisy Len
Stan Freda
Vic Will
M. Vic
Apr 30 Monday: Grand day. Usual job. Wrote Bessie, Dad, Wilkinson. Had letter from G. Brown.
May 1 Tuesday: Grand day. Usual job in garden & house.
May 2 Wednesday: Fine day. Usual jobs. Ate. Capt Hud pleased with place.
May 3 Thursday: Fine day. Usual. Had great supper
May 4 Friday: Grand day. Had General call; also Major Brown. Had letter from Aunt Gennie, also Rose.
May 5 Saturday: Fine day. Usual jobs. Had xxxx? in morning.
May 6 Sunday: Grand day. Got in Pink towards evening. Lit fire in my room. Had good – but stir some.

Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Brown Dad
Mr Bowry B. & A.
Rose Wilk.
Aunt Gennie B.B.
Mr W.

May 7 Monday: Still fine day; looks like rain towards evening but kept fine.
May 8 Tuesday: Had letter from Vic & Daisy. Made bat; had game of cricket just to amuse ourselves.
May 9 Wednesday: Another fine day. Wrote Vic, Rose, Aunt Gennie
May 10 Thursday: Still warm and fine. Wrote Ester, Annie Hemming in afternoon; evening bum around.
May 11 Friday: Fine day. Capt Hud came first for 2 days. I wrote to Stan, Ester, Pater. Evening had naught.
May 12 Saturday: Little dull. Wrote M. Four weeks today dear Ma went.
May 13 Sunday: Fine day. Layed & Read.

Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Daisy Aunt G. 8
Vic Rose 9
Ester Vic 9
Ester 10
Annie 10
Hemming 10
Stan 11
Pater 11

May 14 Monday: Fair day; sun dull. Had the pictures come of the boys; they went not so bad. Wrote Daisy, Win.
May 15 Tuesday: Tuesday wet day. had letter from B.B. & Mr. W. saying he had not heard from M. and could not make out why she did not write me.
May 16 Wednesday: Fair day – quite a big anaught [?] went off. Had letter from Miss Cherrie – ask me to tea which was impossible.
May 17 Thursday: Fair day. This was day of great meeting at Westminster Abbey for Red Cross. [ Ascension Day Festival service for the British Red Cross Society & the Order of St John of Jerusalem was held at Westminster Abbey].
May 18 Friday: Fair day but turned to rain. Wrote Miss C., Stan, Ester. Had chance to be corpsman if I came to stay.
May 19 Saturday: Heavy mist in morning; nice afternoon. Had letter from Vic, Len & Bert. Wrote Len, all speaking of whine for mother.
May 20 Sunday: Fine day. Usual job. Played nutin [? nothing] in afternoon.

Memo – Letters this week:
To: From:
Daisy 15 B.B. 15
Win 15 Mr W. 15
Ester 18 Cherrie 16
Stan 18 Vic 17
Cherrie 18 Len 19
Len 19 Bert 19

May 21 Monday: Funny sort of day. Capt never showed up. Had letter from Stan, about Ma; also one from G. Brown.
May 22 Tuesday: Had letter from Vic; usual day work-
May 23 Wednesday: Rained by turned out fine. Usual job.
May 24 Thursday: Dull morning but turned out fine day for sports. Quick for a bit. Crowd pass by.
May 25 Friday: Grand day. Just kind Annie wrote to M.
May 26 Saturday: Spent morning at Hawkswick. Dad & Len cane down for weekend. I stayed with them. Walk along front in evening.
May 27 Sunday: Grand day. Layed on beach all day until evening. Then walk up village. It was grand. Len bought room down near W & E.

Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Stan 21
Brown 21
Vic 22
Will & E. Flex
The book

May 28 Monday: Nice day. Walked along the cliff. Home for supper. XXX They caught 5:30 train after. Nice change.
May 29 Tuesday: Fair day. Got job on office mess at request of Capt Hud. Evening, Bill & I went to pictures. Had card from Stan.
[Hospital at Seaford, Sussex, England during WW1]
May 30 Wednesday: Mess. Had another care from Stan & Dad. Also one from Vic. Called Mrs Finlum.
May 31 Thursday: Fine day. Went to Eastbourne in afternoon for money. Evening stay in. Not up to much.
June 1 Friday: Same in fine day. Stay in all day. Not feeling good. Wrote Stan in evening.
June 2 Saturday: Fine day. P.C. came around. Wrote letter in evening.
June 3 Sunday: Went to Panis [Parish?] Church. Rather nice service. Then straight Home.

Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Stan A.P.G. Dad
Vic ” Bert
Dad P.C. Will
Win A.P.G Brown
Withmarsh Cherrie

June 4 Monday: Fine day. Evening went downtown. Had letter from Len.
June 5 Tuesday: Fine day. Went to Eastbourne for board meeting. Had letter from Albert Saville.
June 6 Wednesday: Fine day. Went down seafront in afternoon; evening stay in. Had bad storm about 9:30 . Had letter from Fred.
June 7 Thursday: Had post card from Len to say that Stan had been wounded. Had letter from Winnie.
June 8 Friday: Nice morning. Rain afternoon. Had letter from Ester first about did M. in answer to mine. Good news. Hill to Blow up. [?]
June 9 Saturday: Had letter from Len to say Stan was in England. I was quite excited. Had stroll down front [seafront] at night. XXXXXXXX
June 10 Sunday: Biggs came down. Went for stroll in evening.

Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Len 4 Ester
A. Saville 5 M.
Freda 6 Stan
Winn 7 Len
Len P.C. best wishes
Rose ”

June 11 Monday: Had flying trip to London to see Stan in 1st L.G.H [First London General Hospital, St Gabriel’s College, Cormont Road, Camberwell ] first time since August. Then home for supper. Saw Dad, then caught 8:35.
June 12 Tuesday: Went downtown and sent Stan two books up. Stayed in evening, wrote Stan, Freda Johnson. Having heavy rain in London.
June 13 Wednesday: Foggy day but fine. Stay in evening; muck about. I felt very happy for seeing Stan.
June 14 Thursday: Downtown in afternoon. Evening stay in, read.
June 15 Friday: Stay in; bum around.
June 16 Saturday: Just went for stroll downtown in evening.
June 17 Sunday: Went down to XXXX church.

Memo – Letters this week:
Stan 12
Freda Johnson 12
Vic 15
Daisy 15
Will 15

June 18 Monday: Stroll down front, then home.
June 19 Tuesday: Stay in; wrote letters.
June 20 Wednesday: Mac & I took a boat out; just fine; evening stay.
June 21 Thursday: Went to Brighton with Mac, went to Hipp [Hippodrome]. Had fine time.
June 22 Friday: Went downtown with Mac. Just stroll down front & home.
June 23 Saturday: Nice day; evening wrote some letters. Went downtown to station. help Bill till 1:30a.m.
June 24 Sunday: Fine day. Evening walk over to Alfriston. [Alfriston is a village and civil parish in the Sussex district of Wealden, England. It lies in the valley of the River Cuckmere, about four miles (6 km) north-east of Seaford]. It was grand. Went to the church.

June 25 Monday: Went to E.B. [Eastbourne] in morning; see Henderson. Evening walk out to Westdean [West Dean is one of those villages only read about in books, it is hidden just off the Seaford to Eastbourne coast road.]
June 26 Tuesday: Fair day. Evening stay in. Had card from Stan, letter from Rose.
June 27 Wednesday: Nice day. Down front [seafront] in afternoon. Evening went to Lewis [likely Lewes, reference to the district]. Saw German Prisoners. first I’ve seen.
June 28 Thursday: Wet night. Stay in; wrote letters
June 29 Friday: Fair day. Evening went to Y.M.C.A.; heard John McNeil [possibly a Capt John McNeill lecturing according to another diary on line]. Just grand.
June 30 Saturday: Went down to Hastings for afternoon with Bill [Hastings is a town and borough in the county of East Sussex, on the south coast of England. It is 16 miles from Seaford]. Had fair time. met Rodgers.
July 1 Sunday: Fair day. Went again in evening to hear John Mc Neill

Memo – Letters this week:

July 2 Monday: Grand day. Went over to sport downtown in evening. Got sent back for xxxx under over arrest.
July 3 Tuesday: Funny sort of day. Just bum around. Had letter from Vic & Len.
July 4 Wednesday: Rotten wet day. Wrote Lancaster. Had letter from Tose with Will’s first since Ma’s death; just beautiful letter, for old Will.
July 5 Thursday: Went to Brighton will Bill. Mad date for following week. Went to stay, then home after nice day.
July 6 Friday: Joe & I went round Blatchton [likely Blatchingto, a coastal village in East Sussex which has merged into the western part of Seaford] for walk, then along front.
July 7 Saturday: Major B. left for France. Capt H. away pass. Had very bad voice [?] in London. stroll down front in evening with xxx.
July 8 Sunday: Dull day. Went out to tea in afternoon. Had my last letter from M. Sorry she did not play the game.

Memo – Letters this week:
To: From:
Vic Vic 2
Stan Len 3
Lancaster Daisy 3
Bert 4
Rose 5

July 9 Monday: Fair day. Went to Eastbourne in afternoon. Dad & I went had tea as usual. I hang around. Got to Seaford about 5:30. Had letter from Win.
July 10 Tuesday: Secured [?] stay in. Wrote letters, etc.
July 11 Wednesday: Pat & I went along sea front.
July 12 Thursday: Went to Brighton on 4 o’clock train to meet Miss Mark. Never showed up so went to Hipp [Hippodrome]. Very good show.
July 13 Friday: Wrote letters. … [remainder indiscernible. Written in pencil & other side’s dark ink bleeds through]
July 14 Saturday: Nice day. Downtown in afternoon. Evening Tom & I walked -Alfriston [… a village and civil parish in the Sussex district of Wealden, England about 4 1/2 miles northeast of Seaford]. Had good dinner 17/6 [17 shillings/ 6 pence]. Then home.
July 15 Sunday: NIce day. Walk to Alfriston in evening for Tom. Coming back found nice Jane from Folkestone […a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, south-east England]. Had letter from Vic, Bowry, Brown. Wrote … […remainder indiscernible. Written in pencil & other side’s dark ink bleeds through].

Memo – Letters this week:
Vic 15
Bowrys 15
Brown 15
July 16 Monday: Went down to Eastbourne in afternoon. Stay till 8:30. Home.
July 17 Tuesday: Met Netter[?] King on front; went across to rally then home. Rained as I was going home.
July 18 Wednesday: Wet day. Stay in. Had two sisters up for supper.
July 19 Thursday: Got trip to Ramsgate. Left Seacroft 1:20; Ramsgate 7:30; no train for London so stop at Hospital. Had nice chat with boys; ; all old sisters had gone.
July 20 Friday: Left Ramsgate 7:45; London 10:00. Went off to see Stan. Saw Len. 11:45 had dinner. Went Lxxxx[?] Dad and boy. Then went home. Saw armt[?].
July 21 Saturday: Went to Alfriston with Joe and boys. Had nice time then walk home.
July 22 Sunday: Went out to Alfriston to meet Nellie but miss her, so had supper, then home again.

July 23 Monday: All boys stroll around the frknt and home. Downtown in afternoon.
July 24 Tuesday: Dowtown in afternoonn. In evening Bill & I walk to Alfriston; saw Nellie, had chat. 11:30.
July 25 Wednesday:Went to Tonbridge […is a market town in the English county of Kent]. Met Win at the station then stroll right across the Common. Had great time. I took some pictures.
July 26 Thursday: Fine day. Downtown afternoon. Archie & I went to Brighton to Hipp [Hippodrome]. [was an English music hall singer, comedian and musical theatre actress during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was best known for her performances of songs such as “The Boy I Love Is Up in the Gallery”, “My Old Man (Said Follow the Van)” and “Oh Mr Porter What Shall I Do”. She received both criticism and praise for her use of innuendo and double entendre during her performances, and enjoyed a long and prosperous career, during which she was affectionately called the “Queen of the Music Hall”.] – just rotton [rotten].
July 27 Friday: Walked out to Alfriston with boys. Met the girls. Tom & I stay with them.
July 28 Saturday: Walked out to Alfriston with Bob. Met Nellie; stroll through town. Just grand night.
July 29 Sunday: Went out to Alfriston. Met Nellie forelock[?]. Rained like diver, so stroll back; had tea; walked to Ravenscort.

July 30 Monday: Fine night. Tom & I walked out to Alfriston. Met the girls; stroll home. 11:30.
July 31 Tuesday: Rotton [rotten], wet night so stay in. XXX late for supper.
Aug 1 Wednesday: Another wet day. First news of big drive [likely launch of the Third Battle of Ypres (31st July – 6th November 1917)]. Rained all day long, so stay in. Wrote letters. Wrote N.L. [likely Nellie] about books, etc.
Aug 2 Thursday: Dawn bright. Cuts & xx[?]
Aug 3 Friday: Us three boys walk out to Alfiston. H. gave me cake; kind of them.
Aug 4 Saturday: Tom & I walk out to town. Fair night.
Aug 5 Sunday: Tom & I went to Brighton on 6:00 train, lots fun. Met two girls from Camberwell [… a district of south London, England]. 12:00
Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Clive Pater
Len M.
W. Gilbert

Aug 6 Monday: Tom & I walk out to Alfriston. Meet girls XXXXXXXX [uncertain]
Aug 7 Tuesday: Dull day. Bunch us boys went to show. Lot of fun. 10:30
Aug 8 Wednesday: Downtown in morning; afternoon & evening nothing doing. 10:00
Aug 9 Thursday: Went to Brighton with Bill Smaker. Went to show. Meet to guess; had most wonderful convivium. 11:30.
Aug 10 Friday: Fine day. Joe & I walked to Alfriston, met girls, lots of fun. 11:30
Aug 11 Saturday: Fine morning. This great Seaford for can sports. Had shower in evening. Joe & I walked along front. Lt McKinnon left, gave me 5/5. 10:00
Aug 12 Sunday: Joe & I walk to Alfriston. Met Cullen.

Aug 13 Monday: Joe & I went to Alfriston.
Aug 14 Tuesday: Stayed in town.
Aug 15 Wednesday: Joe & I walk to Alfriston.
Aug 16 Thursday: Fine -went to Brighton with one of our Bright Bums name MacDonald. He got me in wrong all afternoon with women; then at supper he got to London girls & want to even others. I still love him for that. [?]
Aug 17 Friday: ‘hob sum of whab’; I done M.
Aug 18 Saturday: Had walk along front, over cliffs; then home.
Aug 19 Sunday: Joe & I walk to Alfriston. Had tea. Just grand night.

Aug 20 Monday: Fine night. Joe & I took trip to Eastbourne. Went to Winter Garden […designed in 1875 as part of the Devonshire Park complex, together with the Devonshire Park Theatre and the Indian Pavilion. The Winter Garden comprises the Floral Hall, which was designed for use for everything from skating, exhibitions and ballroom to concert hall and cabaret room (Floral Pavilion) and the Pavilion & a smaller hall upstairs]. Home. 11:30.
Aug 21 Tuesday: Fine day. Had a Line from Stan saying her was coming down, so I went met him. Evening walk to Alfrinston.
Aug 22 Wednesday: Fine day. Stan went down for swim. Afternoon went along front. Evening to Wellington Tea Gardens. Had great time. 10:30
Aug 23 Thursday: Fine day. Went to Brighton with Stan. Had grand time. Saw Stan off on 9:45 train for London after xxx[?] time.
Aug 24 Friday: Fine day. Joe & I went to Alfriston. Saw the gents. Then walked home. 11:30.
Aug 25 Saturday: Fine day. Went downtown in afternoon. Evening help Mac with tent.
Aug 26 Sunday: Very wet night, so stay in and bum around.

Aug 27 Monday: Very wet day. In fact Gale with wind. Stay in night.
Aug 28 Tuesday: Same as Monday. Gale. Stay in all day.
Aug 29 Wednesday: Clear up bit, but wind still high. Went downtown afternoon. Evening Joe 2 girls had dinner; eat
after inn.
Aug 30 Thursday: Fair day. Late with supper so stay in.
Aug 31 Friday: Fair day. Joe & I walk to Alfriston. Had supper. Walk home, beautiful moon light night. 10:00
Sept 1 Saturday: Fair day. Had General Jones around. Stay in. Press my pants. Had uniform Ellen [?].
Sept 2 Sunday: Fine day. Caught 5 o’clock train for London. Had supper then caught 10:30 from King Cross for Edinburgh.

Sept 3 Monday: Caught train 8:30. Went to Bill’s family. Went to Forth Bridge [bridge over the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland, 9 miles west of Edinburgh City Centre]. Saw Hut [likely large military mess hut?]. Home for dinner, then to pictures going home, sunny. Home. Mr C took us around town. 10:30.
Sept 4 Tuesday: Edinburgh – morning went out to Zoo; had dinner. Then to Castle & to palace with two birds. Evening went through factory, and show.
Sept 5 Wednesday: Left Edinburghb9:50 for Inverness. Sunny, fine. Arrive there 5:50. Book rooms at Queensgate [flats]. Walk around the Inshes [the Meadows in Inverness]; then to show 11:30
Sept 6 Thursday: Inverness – in morning stroll around town; caught 12:55 train for Aberdeen, arrived there 5:50. Stay Imperial Hotel; went to His Majesty [His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen is the largest theatre in north-east Scotland]. Met two nice Janes afternoon. Home. 11:45
Sept 7 Friday: Aberdeen morning; Marshall Cottage, rather fine afternoon at seafront. Then caught train 5:30 for Glasgow. Rather fond of Aberdeen. Arrived Glasgow 10:10.
Sept 8 Saturday: Dull, wet day. In morning went to Glasgow Art Gallery; afternoon took car to Lock Lomand; on steamer, met two Janes; took them back then to show. Home 12:15
Sept 9 Sunday: Up 9:30. Went to Glasgow Cathedral; after went to park; while having tea met three fine girls. They accompanied us for evening and saw us off for London.

Inverness Queen’s Gate
Aberdeen Imperial
Glasgow St Enoch

Sept 10 Monday: Arrived from Scotland 8:30. Home 9:20 Aunt go breakfast. left for city, called at Dad’s place; then saw xxx[?] pictures. Got bus for E.H. [East Ham]. Had tea at Daisy’s, then met girls at Centre PK [likely Picadilly] Ritz. Went to Illford Hipp [Hippodrome – Ilford Empire was built as a Cinema with stage facilities and opened as the Empire Kinema in April 1913].
Sept 11 Tuesday: At Daisy’s. Up at 9:30, had breakfast. Went to Ma’s grave. Home for dinner. Leddt there 2:30 for home. Got home; wire from Freda. Met her 6:30, then to the Globe […presumably The Globe Theatre, a theatre in London associated with William Shakespeare], then took them home. 1 o’clock
Sept 12 Wednesday: Fine morning. Up 10:30. Went to factory. Saw Dad then went to moving xxx[?]. Met Hilda then to London Bridge. Met Freda; had supper then to show & off.
Sept 13 Thursday: Payday. Went downtown in afternoon. Stay in evening, wrote letters.
Sept 14 Friday: Fair day. Wrote to Ellen, phone 6:30 so sent to Alfriston for evening. 10:00.
Sept 15 Saturday: Fair day, Had sleep in. Afternoon, evening went to Eastbourne. Met some Jane, went to show
Sept 16 Sunday: Fine day. Bum around. Afternoon, evening Joe & I walk to Alfriston. Clocks go back.
Sept 17 Monday: Wet night, so stay in; wrote letters; went to be early.
Sept 18 Tuesday: Wet day. Went to Eastbourne, had good supper & lot of fun. Met the girls , Mrs McInter & we went to show.
Sept 19 Wednesday: Wet day; in evening Joe & I went to XXX [?] show.
Sept 20 Thursday: Dull day. In evening Joe & I went out to Alfriston, had supper & home. Never saw the girls.
Sept 21 Friday: Fine day; evening walk out to Alfriston. Met Ellen; went for stroll & home. 11:30.
Sept 22 Saturday: Joe away. Walk out to Alfriston by myself; had supper, Met Ellen, went for stroll & home. 11:40.
Sept 23 Sunday: Fine day. Went to E.B. [Eastbourne] 5:30, then to Con Church; after that met girls, went for walk and then home. I had supper & some music – enjoyed very, very much. 12:00.

Sept 24 Monday: Stayed in evening; wrote bunch of letters.
Sept 25 Tuesday: Raid on London. [“Zeppelin raids”; On 24 September 16 Gothas set off: 13 reached England, most bombing Dover and other targets in Kent, with only five reaching London. The following night 15 Gothas set out, with similar results, only three aircraft reaching London]. Bill & I went to picture show; fairly good & home. Another raid on London. Posted Vic & Len. 10:30.
Sept 26 Wednesday: Joe & I took amb [ambulance] to Eastbourne, turned af [?] wet night; took Ruthie & Katherine to concert. 12:00
Sept 27 Thursday: Just grand night. Joe I walked to Alfriston; had usual supper, stroll home. 10:30.
Sept 28 Friday: Fine day. Went to Brighton, met some Janes, had great time. Had to wait till 10:10. Bring an account of xxxx [?].
Sept 29 Saturday: Fine day. Went downtown in afternoon; evening stay in, wrote letters. Joe & I went out about 9:00 to get some eats.
Sept 30 Sunday: Grand day. Afternoon Joe & I walk out to Firle [ …is a village in the Lewes District of East Sussex; Firle Escarpment is an extensive area of chalkland which hosts a wide range of flora] 7 miles from Seaford. Was just grand. Had supper; walk back. Got home 10:30. Went on the highest point of Firle Downs.
Oct 1 Monday: Stay in; wrote Stan re transfer; also then for his birthday. Went to bed 7:30. Lay & read till 10:30. One grand night.
Oct 2 Tuesday: Another fine day. Mac & I went down for swim water & in evening, went & read. 10:30.
Oct 3 Wednesday: Fair day. Joe & I went to Brighton show. Was rotton [rotten]. Met some friends. Home 11:30.
Oct 4 Thursday: Dull & windy. Stayed in all day; wrote to Rose. Had letter from Stan & Freda Smith.
Oct 5 Friday: Fine day. Went to Eastbourne. Saw Major Wilson re Stan. Home 4:30. Went to Mrs Mulling for dinner.
Oct 6 Saturday: Wet morning. Turned out fine day only cold. Downtown in afternoon. Evening went to pictures.
Oct 7 Sunday: Dull day; in afternoon laid down. Was taken sick; taken up to bed; felt better in morning.
Memo – Letters this week:
Oct 8 Monday: Stay in bed & read. Had letter from Olive.
Oct 9 Tuesday: Still in bed. Got up in afternoon & sat around.
Oct 10 Wednesday: Up for dutys [duties]. Went say Capt Mac about quitting my job.
Oct 11 Thursday: Fine day. Downtown in afternoon; evening Joe & I went down for stroll.
Oct 12 Friday: Wet day. Had letter from Vic. Stay in evening.
Oct 13 Saturday: Joe & I just bum around.
Oct 14 Sunday: Went down to meet Gladys but never show up; so Joe & I walk to Alfriston. Had tea & some fun.

Oct 15 Monday: I took walk downtown & home again. Had nice letter from Freda Smith.
Oct 16 Tuesday: Fair day. Met with Edith Simms 8:30. Went to pictures. Saw sign of cross. Rather surprised at news. […possibly represented by the following War events… October 12, 1917 – The Ypres offensive culminates around the village of Passchendaele as Australian and New Zealand troops die by the thousands while attempting to press forward across a battlefield of liquid mud, advancing just 100 yards. Steady October rains create a slippery quagmire in which wounded soldiers routinely drown in mud-filled shell craters].
Oct 17 Wednesday: Rotton, wet day. Went Eastbourne in afternoon. Evening Joe & I truck through North Camp. Home. Have till Sat to talk to Capt. Smith.
Oct 18 Thursday: Fine day. Went to Brighton. Had picture taken. Met Olive 6:30. Went to Hippo [Hippodrome]. 11:30.
Oct 19 Friday: Fine day. Downtown in afternoon. Evening stay in. Had bath. Made xxxxxx [?]
Oct 20 Saturday: Downtown in afternoon. Evening stayed in. Had bath.
Oct 21 Sunday: Fine day. Joe & I walk to Alfriston, Wilmington, Polegate [… towns in the Wealden District of East Sussex]; took train to Eastbourne; had wupper then train home. R. & K. […likely refers to UK Railway stations].

Oct 22 Monday: Fine day. Downtown in afternoon; evening Joe & I went to Queens Hall [concert hall]. Very good show. 10:30.
Oct 23 Tuesday: Fine day. Downtown in morning. Had letter from Ada, Len, Stan. I wrote Stan, Will, Freda Smith, Vic, Daisy & Freda J.
Oct 24 Wednesday: Fine morning but very wet & rough afternoon. Stay in evening.
Oct 25 Thursday: Joe & I took stroll downtown.
Oct 26 Friday: Fine day. Joe & I went to Brighton for the afternoon. We sure had great time. Went to show. 12:00.
Oct 27 Saturday: Fine day. Went downtown in afternoon. Evening Joe & I stay in.
Oct 28 Sunday: Fine day. Took trip to Eastbourne. Had good supper & then walk back. Full moon was just grand.
Memo – Letters this week:
From: To:
Stan 23 Will 23
Len 23 Stan 23
Ada 23 Vic 23
Daisy 23
Freda S. 23
Freda J. 23

Oct 29 Monday: Fine day. Full moon. Downtown in afternoon; evening – hint of tired so Joe & I stayed in and sat by fire. I burnt lot of old letters. […Arrrrggggghh!]
Oct 30 Tuesday: Grand day. Downtown in afternoon. Evening Joe & I walk down & along seafront. Then home. 10:30.
Oct 31 Wednesday: Fine day. Downtown in morning & paid some bills; also went down again in afternoon with pet. Evening Joe & I stay in. 10:30.
Nov 1 Thursday: Rotten, wet day, like a xxxx [?]. Never went out. Joe & I stay in. Just got word I could have my pass.
Nov 2 Friday: Downtown in afternoon. Evening stay in & got pack[-ed] up for pass. 10:30.
Nov 3 Saturday: Very wet morning. Caught 12:10 train out of Croydon. Home 3:15. Surprised to see me. Went to Brockley [… a district and an electoral ward of south London]. Saw Ada. Went to Hippo. Saw Bing boys [ … The Bing Boys Are Here opened in 1916 in the West End and ran for 378 performances. It was one of the three most important musical hits of the London stage during World War I] . Walk home. 1:40.
Nov 4 Sunday: Fine day. Went with Dad to Church in morning. In afternoon, saw damage done by bombs.
Evening, I went down to see Freda, but was out so went back home.

Nov 5 Monday: Fine day. Up at 9:30. Sat talking to aunt. Left home 12:30. Met George Wright, had dinner. East Ham 3 o’clock saw Wright. Tooting with Daisy 6 o’clock. Had tea. Went round, took Freda to Hipp [Hippodrome] -rest of perfect day.
Nov 6 Tuesday: Left London on 6:30 – in Seaford 8:30. Duke of Connaught [ … Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, was a member of the British Royal Family who served as the Governor General of Canada, the 10th since Canadian Confederation. Born the seventh child and third son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert ] came to Hospital. Wrote letters in evening.
Nov 7 Wednesday: Fine day. Went down to front for walk in afternoon. Evening stay in & wrote letter to Ada, Freda J, Stan & Jean Morton. 10:30
Nov 8 Thursday: Rotton, wet day. So stay in; in evening wrote letters to Rose, Ester, Mrs W. Then sat around the fire.
Nov 9 Friday: Fine day. Stay in evening & read.
Nov 10 Saturday: Fine day. Went to Eastbourne; had my picture taken. Got news about moving back 5:30. Stay in.
Nov 11 Sunday: Fine day. Went down to see front in afternoon. Evening went to Congregational church, with Mac. 8:30.

Nov 12 Monday: Fine day. Downtown in afternoon. Evening -Joe & I saw by fire & talked. Had letter from Win.
Nov 13 Tuesday: Kit inspection. In afternoon, sent Vic food parcel off. Evening wrote Winnie & Freda S.
Nov 14 Wednesday: Fine day. Downtown in afternoon. Evening stay in by fire.
Nov 15 Thursday: Fine day. Bugs [?] & I went to Brighton. Had pictures taken & went to Hipp. Very good. Home 11:15. Sat talking 12:00.
Nov 16 Friday: Fine day. Joe went away for weekend. Evening, went to C.A.D.C [..likely, Canadian Army Dental Corp] to hear debate.
Nov 17 Saturday: Cold day. xxxx Wallace & I went downtown. Evening I stay in & read.
Nov 18 Sunday: Fine day. Earnest [?] Bugs & I went to Alfriston; had some time; walk home by 9:00.
Nov 19 Monday: Downtown in afternoon. Evening stay in. Wrote to Jean, Keys, Stan. Joe came in with some cake from L.H.
Nov 20 Tuesday: Downtown in afternoon. Evening stay in, wrote letters.
Nov 21 Wednesday: Stay in all day; evening went down to debate. Nothing good.
Nov 22 Thursday: Went downtown in morning. In evening, stay in & wrote letters. Had line from Stan.
Nov 23 Friday: Dull day & very windy. Afternoon downtown. Evening went round to Mrs Mullins. Had letter from Ruby. Wrote to a walk [?].
Nov 24 Saturday: Dull day. Went downtown in afternoon. Evening stay in.
Nov 25 Sunday: Fine day. Joe & I walk our to Alfriston in evening. Just delightful; had tea then back. Full moon. 10:45.
Nov 26 Monday: Windy & turned out wet. Had letter from Len & Jean Morton. Pay & new stuff. Stay in evening. Sent Xmas card to Canada.
Nov 27 Tuesday: Fine day. Afternoon downtown, then stay in evening.
Nov 28 Wednesday: New Draft came in, I went down to Interest, then went to Rally; met Ruby & K.; then home.
Nov 29 Thursday: Went downtown in afternoon. Had supper downtown. Evening went to pictures.
Nov 30 Friday: Fine day. Us four boys beat it away to Brighton. Went to Hipp for dinner. We sure had some time. 11:30.
Dec 1 Saturday: Rain in morning. Joe, Mac & I went to E.B. [Eastbourne] for orderly room; some fun too. Back seafood 3; work then went to show.
Dec 2 Sunday: Fine day. Morning bunch us boys went to Baptist Church. Afternoon Joe, Mac & I went to Alfriston & Luttington for eat time.

Dec 3 Monday: Morning bum around. Went down to election. Evening to pictures. When we got home, had news to be ready to moving.
Dec 4 Tuesday: Last day at Seaford. Left hospital 11:00. Went band & march to E.B. [Eastbourne] anniversary. Then 2 o’clock, had Inspection by General xxx [?]; then walk downtown, all 7 o’clock. Left Eastbourne 9:45.
Dec 5 Wednesday: Joe W. Three Bridges 12:00; left there 2:30 for Shorncliffe [ … The Canadian Army Medical Corps had general hospitals based at Shorncliffe from September 1917 to December 1918]. Had rest till 7:30. Left then for Folkstone pier […a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, south-east England. The town lies on the southern edge of the North Downs at a valley between two cliffs. Folkestone was an important port in the First World War with approximately 10 million troops and others, including nurses, passing through the harbour]. 2:30 on boat; left Folkstone 10:30. Arrived 12:00 then marched to rest camp 2:00. Slept in tents. Rather cold but very tired.
Dec 6 Thursday: First day in France. Bum around the whole day in camp. Day was fine & cold.
Dec 7 Friday: In morning on trench digging & some fun too; afternoon xxxxx/////???? revisit
Dec 8 Saturday: Fine day, only cold. In afternoon went for route march down French town & round the old city. Home 4 o’clock. Had supper. Stay in. xxx///
Dec 9 Sunday: Wet day. xxx/// in morning. 10:30 xxx//// Services. Afternoon we stayed in tent; evening went to song services.

Dec 10 Monday: Fine day but cold. In morning on xxx/// cart; afternoon went for route march round town; rather nice. Bum around.
Dec 11 Tuesday: Fine day. Downtown till 5 o’clock. Went through B. cathxxx///
Dec 12 Wednesday: Fine day. Had letter from Mrs W. Afternoon went downtown all 8. Then we had good English concert till 1:00.
Dec 13 Thursday: Morning walk over to camp. Full pack but got sent back, not wanted. Afternoon downtown till 8 o’clock. Had supper Rue E… [?]
Dec 14 Friday: Dull & misty. Morning 1 hr drill then march downtown. Afternoon both parades; evening stay in. Had letters from Len & Vic, also parcel.
Dec 15 Saturday: Fine day. Walk down to 54th Geeral Hospital, same camp. Anyhow, not so bad. Bum around afternoon & evening. Wrote to Vic, Gert [?]. 8:30.
Dec 16 Sunday: Fine day only. Morning – my duties with the Sisters; afternoon went to Red Cross Hut; evening service [?] then had supper; Very windy night.

Dec 17 Monday: Cold day; stay in evening.
Dec 18 Tuesday: Cold day. Sent downtown for pay. Evening Joe, Bill & I went downtown.
Dec 19 Wednesday: Cold dry day. Evening. Stay in. Sent card off. Had four letters, first England mail: Jenny, Freda Smith, Len & Vic.
Dec 20 Thursday: Cold day but dry. Bill & I went downtown. Had supper, met war [?]. Had parcel from Ester & letter from Mr Ladum.
Dec 21 Friday: Cold day. March around Mal[…?]. Evening stay in & send some Xmas cards off. Went downtown – Winerout [?…Wimereux]. […Sentence indiscernible]. Saw bad rain in Boulogne!
Dec 22 Saturday: Cold day. Usual duty. Evening Joe & I went down to Winerout [?…Wimereux], then home.
Dec 23 Sunday: Fine day. Afternoon walk down to Wimerue […likely Wimereux , a coastal town situated some 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of Boulogne]. After supper, went to service. Got call out to re-post; back 81 Martin; stay there the night.

Dec 24 Monday: Cold day & dull. Up 7:30. Provision 10:30 full pack. March to Bourgene […likely Boulogne-sur-mer] station. Left in cattle truck 1:45. Got to Calais 3:45. Got to hospital 5:30. Slept in hut. Not too bad.
Dec 25 Tuesday: Cold day. Wet, dry. Bum around in the morning. Went to Holy Communion 10:30. Afternoon bunch of us boys went downtown. Went to pictures. Rather funny. then had good dinner 6:30, home.
Dec 26 Wednesday: Cold snow day. Stay in the evening. Joe & I went down to canteen. Had good feed & home.
Dec 27 Thursday: Moving in the Huts; same in afternoon. Evening had practice, for comert. [?]
Dec 28 Friday: Cold day. Bum around all day in the Huts. Evening went down to Church Army Hut […The Church Army was founded in England in 1882. It banded together in an orderly army of soldiers, officers and a few working men and women, trained to act as Church of England evangelists among the outcasts and criminals of the Westminster slums. During the First World War, the Church Army was very active among the troops in France, and ran around 2000 social clubs across France]. Wrote letters.
Dec 29 Saturday: Work in Hut. Had practise in afternoon. Evening went downtown to Cathal Club & wrote letters. Had first letter from Dad, Aunt & Len. Also Freda S.
Dec 30 Sunday: Rather cold day. Had church parade 10:30. Afternoon had practice for concert. Evening bunch of us boys went to Methodist church. Rather nice service. All soldiers.
Dec 31 Monday: Dull but cold day. In the Huts in morning. Had practise 11:00 & 1. Work. Job called out guard, so went downtown in afternoon. Had tea & home for guard 6 o’clock to following day. Had some fun. Two capts came in drunk. Then we had party in New Years Day. Pretty drunk.
Memoranda list:
Eastbourne: Staff mess
Ramsgate: Orderly, Ward 1 Apr 13
Hawkswick: April 18 – May 28
R.E.B. Mess May 30 to …



1910 ~ Letter from William Peach to family back in West Ham, London England

[Following is a letter written by William Peach (AWP) to the family back home in West Ham district of London.  William and Ethel were married within three months of their sailing to Australia.  Hilda, who is referenced in the letter & the diary, is listed on the Ship’s Manifest as Hilda Goddard, age 19, ‘domestic’.  Since Ethel’s maiden name was Goddard, it is likely she was Ethel’s sister, William’s sister-in-law.]

No Envelope

Letter: 10″ X 8″ lightly lined paper (horizontally oriented). Written in black ink by A. William Peach to family back home in England as he & his wife, Ethel, travel by ship to Australia

T.S.S .”Norseman”

Our Dear Everybody,
We sat the last of you all at Tilbury for a time and now, at this time of writing 5 weeks have gone & we have been getting further away at the rate on average of 280 miles a day our record being 311 Miles.
The Passengers – a rare lot of passengers are people who have been home to England & are returning to work. We have a very nice batch of people in our Hatch in face, we have the best dining room, best cabins, best attention & best people & we have had some jolly times.
The Food – Well ship’s food is cooked far different to that at home & we all thought we should never get used to it, but we have. It’s nice and there’s always very much plenty but the taste is different, but we are proper sailors now. We always start breakfast with porridge. Then there is Tea or coffee & meat, bread & better, marmalade, Syrup, and as much as you want. We have 3 course dinners, Soup, joint & pastry. For tea we always have meat or something Hot & pickles, jam or apple jelly. Things are a little different on Sunday. We allways have Eggs & Bacon for Breakfast and a 4 course dinner the 4th course being Apple or Banana. The “sweet” course on Sunday is allways Plum Pudding and it is so nice & so much like home that we well patronise it, What, Oh!
Supper: Bread & Cheese, but our Steward is very good to us. He puts plates of meat or a Basin of Beetroot every night. he puts something in our cabin and always a loaf of bread with a piece of butter. So every night if you stood at the aft Hatch at 8:00, you would see us 5 trooping down to or Supper for which we make our own Coffee or Cocoa. It is great fun & we enjoy it ripping.

No II.
Our Daily Tasks – Breakfast call goes at 7:30 or 7:45, so it means we must ge up at 7:00 unless we have it in bed. We then go on deck if we choose and for the 1st 3 weeks occupied a corner of the aft deck over the Wheel House. Then the Skipper visited us every morning and used to sit a long time & talk, then he told us to go on the Top boat deck that is the 3rd deck & quietest & we have stuck to it. He (the Captain) is a very nice & good fellow. He is always in our company & looks after us. Then Flossie does fancy work & I read or we go to the sports or watch the beautiful seas.
Sights or Scenery – The Sea is marvellous. Our 1st taste of land was Tenneriffe [Spain], a really Beautiful place. We did not stop but it took us best part of a day to pass it (about 10 hours). It was scorching hot & the beautiful sun shone on the “all white” buildings with the Snow Capped Mountains just in the background. We could plainly see the snow. The a fully rigged ship stood out to sea & from it came a little boat. Then our Captain dropped a little sealed barrell over-board which was picked up. It contained the ships letters to the Firm. Ethel took a sketch of Tenneriffe. Our next piece of land was Cape Ton we were passing at 4:00 in the Morning & the Captain sent down for us. Hilda was on Boat deck about 4:30. We (Ethel & I) found our way up there about 5:10 & saw Cape Town ~ Joe Chamberlains land ~ The Captain took us in the Chart room, showed & explained to us his “course”, he is not allowed to do this but nobody was about so early. What other vessels we

did see were usually 20 or 30 miles away, but we signalled every one either by Flags & Telescope in day or by lights at night. One Steamer caused much excitement on Board by coming quite close to us. All our passengers lined along Starboard & cheered & cheered. We are carrying 898 passengers. So the Captain of the other boat sarcastically signalled to our Captain, “Have you any passengers on board?” The next boat was a Donald Currie Mail from Cape Town. “The Britain” (450 Knots a day) she signalled, “Crippen hanged, Le Heve doing well”. (That was 17th Nov just off Cape Town). We have seen sharks, whales, Flying Fish, Porpoises – in Birds, we have seen Albatross, mono-hawk, Ice Bird & others the names I forget. The Flying Fish are pretty & fly in shoals glittering in the sun. The porpoise, a rather big & are continually jumping out of the sea in Half circle jumps. We find the whale by his squirt. The albatross is the most spiteful bird here & the captain says he should not care to lower a boat for anyone while they are near. He has seen them 9 ft across. What we see are about 5′ or 6′. Very beautiful birds – a beak big & broad & they fly across and across the ship. The beautiful & awful seas I told you about in my opening letter. One Sunday morning we were woke up by the siren of our boat & cries of “Man Overboard!” People were rushing here & there. So we went up, Ethel in dressing gown & I in PJ’s. The Boat was manned & lowered, 5 men rowing, 3rd officer & a Helm. We saw 2 life Belts in the Sea. 2nd officer was up the rigging ladder with a Monophone shouting through it the instructions. Presently there was a shout, “There he is” & we saw his head, but that was the last we did see. The boat came back. All aboard was painfully silent. They reported that 5 Sharks had surrounded them & that he was eaten by them. The man was a stoker. Then that same Sunday afternoon we had a storm – a Monsoons. It was terrible. Nothing but angry, raging, seething sea

with thunder & lightening – it was awful. Deck chairs were blown over board, the wind played havoc. We got a non-windy corner & watched this awful storm. Then this same Sunday at Service (7:00) they say, “For ever with the Lord” & closed the service early. The reason being a child had died. a table with Union Jack was put up in Wheel house & burial took place 6:00 Monday morning. – Hilda was present at the funeral. The sharks had that body as we were in Shark infested seas.
Sundays on Board – Everyone is very reverent on Sunday. No songs are sung & people seem quieter. 10:00 Siren goes f or boat drill. “All hands to the boats” & a boat is lowered & hauled up again. 10:30 Church Bell goes. The 1st Sunday service was help below, but now is held on deck either under the awnings (The deck is covered with awnings in warm weather) or on Promenade deck. Some sit in seats, others on the winches, some on the Hatches or anywhere & the Purser conducts the service. It is very impressive & sounds lovely. All hymns we well know & have sung hundreds of times at the Grove. 3:00 a gentleman holds a Bible class. 7:00 Singing Service – hymns & solos until about 9:00.
Cabin – Our cabins are cleaned out every Morning & inspected by Captain or Chief Officer 3 times a week to see that they really are clean. we have clean linen for beds every Wednesday. I pair sheets & slips.
Entertainment – a Committee of passengers was formed 2 days after leaving home and Concerts, Sports, Cricket & Football & all kinds of Sports have been engaged in every day. We have all had a go at something. Ethel Hilda were in the Ladies & Gents Cricket Match. Gents had to bowl & bat left handed. An old sailor makes the balls of rope. I have kicked

one overboard & Hilda 3, I think. We are in for a Deck Chair Race. The chairs are placed our folded up & you have to race to them, unfold & sit in the chair. It’s great fun & you can pinch your finger 50 times.
Crossing the line – When we crossed the line, a Carnival was arranged. Father Neptune (was let overboard & was pulled up again) was introduced to the Captain & the Captain welcomed him to his ship. A big tank 7ft deep was put up & filled with sea water & those who hadn’t crossed before were to be judged by King Neptune. The Captain teased the girls, Ethel & Hilda, & told them he was very sorry but they would have to go in, but the Committee picked out about 40 (not me). then the sound of the trumpet, a long and screamingly funny procession came from forward of boat. King Neptune & his Queen leading. Then a Court was held just by the bath & the prisoners brought before him. Then a greazy pole was put across the bath & pillow fights took place. The Captain put us right up on the Ships resivoir where we could see lovely.
Nov 5 Oh yes, we had fireworks at Sea. Captain was prepared for “Guy Frankes”. We had Rockets (not ships distress signals), crackers & the same as we have at home. We had about an hours display. Didn’t we think of the boys. Did they have any? Now I think I picked out all I can and must refer you to the diary for the rest.

Heaps of Love to all,
From your affectionate son & daughter,
Eth & Will

1910 ~ Transcription of Hand-written Diary of William Peach on T.S.S. Norseman from England to Australia

On the T.S.S. Norseman
Oct 26 /10
Dinner – poor
Tea – Meat T, Jam Pickles, & c [and condiments] V-G
Stewart Jack Simmons friend of our Jacks
Supper – Cheese & Biscuits
Weather fine. Wrote home
Boat did 100 miles
Thursday Oct 27 /10

Breakfast – 8:30 Steak & Porridge
Dinner – Beef & c
Tea – Meat, Tea, Cake & c
Weather – Cold & wet & rough
Spent best part day on promenade deck
In Bay Biscay [lies along the western coast of France from Brest south to the Spanish border, and the northern coast of Spain west to Cape Ortegal]
Carrie Sick – arrangement for concerts.
Boat did 250 miles
Friday Oct 28 /10

Bad night & lot sick
Fine day -rather Beautiful Sun-rise
Windy, passed 2 vessels, watched porpoises
Ethel “Not Quite” sick
Breakfast – Fish, Steak & c
Dinner – Chops, Stewed Fruit
Tea – Meat & c
Boat did 243
Sat Oct 29 /10

Passed Cape Finnisere [off west coast of Galatia in Spain]
Wm sick. Ethel & Carrie bad.
Very rough & Windy.
Breakfast – Sausages & c
Dinner – Mutton & c
Tea – Cold mutton
Fred poorly. A lot sick.
Hilda quite fit.
Boat did 247
Sunday Oct 30 /10
Fred, Carrie & Wm Sick
Ethel v. bad but not sick
Hilda A.1.
Passed Portugal in a storm
Weather -Beautiful sun little wind
Invalids all on upper aft deck
Service (Church 10:30)
Breakfast – Coffee, Eggs & Bacon – all right
10:30 Bells ring for Service
Service held below. Very good attendance.
Well known hymns. Psalm 113 /114
Dinner – Rabbit – Plum Pudding
Tea – Red Herrings & c.
Sat on Deck & Sung Hymns
Nice sacred concert below.
Ethel & Carrie very poorly indeed, saw Dr.
Violent rain storm. Rocked about in Bunks like Bottles in crates.
Saw 5 Beautiful Rain -Bows.
257 Miles

Monday Oct 21 /10

Beautiful Rain Bow.
Breakfast Steak & Porridge
Carrie & Ethel have theirs on Main deck
Both a little better.
Dinner – Mutton & Onion Sauce & Barley Soup
Tea – Cold Meats & Scones, Jam
Beautiful Rain Bows. All on Top Deck
263 Miles

Tuesday Nov 1/10

Beautiful day.
Hot Sun. On Deck 7:30
All getting Sun Burnt
Sports on Fore Deck. Racing, games, etc 10:00
Breakfast – Liver & Bacon. Porridge & Coffee on Deck.
Dinner – Pea Soup, Steak Pie, Peas, Prunes & Rice
Whist Drives 3:00 – Dancing @ 7:00
Beautiful weather. Magnificent Sun-set
Tea – Fresh Herrings
Ethel comes down to Tea.
Off coast of Morrocco
269 Miles

Wednesday, Nov 2 /10

ON deck 7a.m.
Land in sight. Beautiful Tenereffe [off coast of Spain].
Ships letters put in barrell and picked up by boat from white fishing smack [A smack was a traditional fishing boat used off the coast of Britain and the Atlantic coast of America for most of the 19th century].
Las Palmas in sight – Pass one of lief towns in Tenereffe at 9:30.
Treat awe-inspiring cliffs rise from glassy blue sea. 6,000 ft in depth and the
Peak of Tenereffe 13,000 ft high towers above the rest with its snow-capped summit.
Clouds rest on the cliffs forming a picturesque finish.
Sketched full-rigged smacks and face of cliff.
Breakfast – Coffee, Sausages & cold Hash – all right O!
Dinner – Beef & c
Tea – Meat. Evening Concert
Hilda sings. Gramaphone on aft main top Deck. Right, Oh!
Child Buried at 12:00 midnight at Sea. Only crew attended.
279 Miles

Thursday, Nov 3 /10

On deck 6:30
Change clothes; smarting heat. Everything too hot.
Breakfast – Steak
Hooter goes for “All Hands to Boats” drill
Dinner – Lamb, Cabbage & potatoes, soup, Plumb pudding
Very, very Hot “air Sails raised. Plenty of porpoises & Flying Fish
Tea – Cottage pie
A Fireman went mad yesterday with heat.
Dance on Main Deck. We sleep outside our Bunks. Others take up their beds
on Deck, but dews are heavy.
First part of moon visible
284 Miles

Friday, Nov 4 /10

Boiling Hot at 7:00
Breakfast – herring
Dinner -Boiled Pork & parsnips, peas, & c, Rice & figs
Tea – Meat & pickles
On top aft deck under Umbrellas best art of day.
S.S. Akabo [Plymouth: SS Akabo (British & African Steamship Company Ltd) travelling from Duala
(City in Cameroon) to Plymouth] came up close to us; cause of much cheering;
the 1st people we have been able to shout to or see since we left Tilbury, very exciting.
Saw a Sea Hawk chase a bird; a large Locust caught on Board, also a Dragon Sea Fly. Sharks seen.
Dancing on Board.
291 Miles
Saturday, Nov 5 /10

Breakfast – Porridge, Coffee, Sausages & Tomato sauce
Very hot. I wear a white protector from my hat to shade neck.
Saw heaps of porpoises jumping from water.
Chat with Captain.
Dinner – Boiled Pork, Dumplin, & c, Lime Juice.
Had a Bath.
Had afternoon Tea & watched sharks.
Tea – Rice & Currie
Evening Fireworks from aft deck, very nice.
Fred & I went on watch until about 1:00 on A/C of previous evening (11:15) last Bunk.
Takes 9 men & Dr to hold a man in a Fit.
274 Miles
Sunday, Nov 6 /10

Woke up 6:30 through shouts &”Siren” of Boat.
“To the Boat. Man Overboard!!”
Everybody rushed on main deck, Ethel in her Dressing Gown & I in pijamas.
Life Belts were thrown & boat lowered. 3rd officer in charge of it.
A life belt was right along side of the drowning man but he refused it & was captured by sharks.
He was a fireman & the excess heat had caused him to commit suicide himself to the waves.
It was a very awful hour.
Breakfast – Silent & quiet – Eggs & Bacon
10:30 – Bells ringing for Service on deck.
Men are crowded up on the derricks & we are all sitting & standing round the Purser who is conducting it.
The Piano is playing “Peace Perfect Peace” & the grim, silent Audience is singing it beautifully for the poor stoker who was drowned, the cloth covering the Purser’s table is the Union Jack.
The truth about the Drowned stoker is this:
– His wife died in England on the Monday before we sailed & he had to leave her to be buried by his friends.
After he had been on board a day or two, his strange actions caused the chief officer to keep him under observation & the Captain would not let him work. He used to rave in his sleep about his wife & then at 6:30 this morning he jumped from the Promenade deck & was lost.
Dinner – Lamb, potatoes, greens, &c, Plumb Pudding & apples.
1:30 We pass through a monsoon (a violent storm).
All decks are cleared & Captain’s awning at his bridge is nearly lost.
Violent wind, rain & sea. /very weird & exciting.
More trouble! A child 11 months old has just died.
A table with the Flag is being put up in the wheel house and she will be buried at 6 A.M.
– Sharks are following us so the body will not be in the sea long.
We had a lovely Singing Service on board at 7:00 under a Black Sky & rumbling sea.
All well known Hymns we sang beautiful.
“Forever with the Lord” being sung for the child.
Sharks continue to follow.
263 Miles
Monday, Nov 7 /10

6 A.M. Child Buried
Breakfast – Steak, Coffee, pc
No boat or land sighted 3 days.
Dinner – Beef pc, Tapioca
Hilda’s Hat goes to sea & lost.
Stormy. We all sit upper main aft reading Last Days of Pompeii when the storm starts, wonderful & awful.
Tea – Hash & c. Very nice.
Supper – Coffee & Cheese Sandwiches
Late at night Storm raging. Sounds terrible.
Captain threatens to put a man in Irons for playing a practical joke on the night guards.

Tuesday, Nov 8 /10

Up late. Storm kept us awake & Floss was frightened.
Breakfast – Live & Bacon.
Dinner – Lamb, Onion Sauce & c.
Tea – Cold Lamb
Supper – Cocoa & Buns.
Beautiful Moon & Sunset.

Wednesday, Nov 9 /10

Breakfast – Herring, Coffee & c.
Lovely Day. We crossed the Line [likely Equator].
Great Carnival on Board.
Father Neptune boards our
ship as we cross the line to dip all those who have not crosses before. A 7′ X 6′ was put up & King Neptune sent his officers to arrest the offenders. They were tried one by one & then examined by a Mock Dr. who ordered them to be shaved & Ducked. They were placed in a chair & the Court Hairdresser soaped them all over – head as well – & then rubbed it in with a big paint brush. Then the barber with a 4 ft wooden razor shaved them & they were ducked. Then a certificate was given them excusing them from future ducking should they cross the line hereafter.
Then a greesy [greasy] pole was fixed over the back & pillow fights were held – it was great fun.
My arms so burnt with Sun. Had to bandage them in vaseline.
Dance in evening.
We are favoured by the Captain & her has allowed & he allowed us to stand on the resevoirs at top deck to view the King Neptune procession.

Thursday, 10 Nov /10

Breakfast – Chops.
Interviewed the Purser at 10.
Met Captain who showed us over his apartments, also showed us Photos of his wife & 2 little boys. Coffee & c.
Beautiful day.
6th day we have seen no other ship & no land.
Dinner – Mutton, Greens & Potatoes, Soup & Pudding
Tea – cold Meat & Pickles
Supper – Pine Apples & Coffee (our own)
260 Miles
Friday 11 /10

Up 6:30
Breakfast – Porridge, Coffee & c.
Dinner – not nice
Tea – Curried Rice
Supper – Tea & Bread & Marmarlate [Marmalade]
Windy day.
252 Miles
Saturday 12 Nov /10

Rough Sea.
Breakfast – Porridge, Fish, Coffee
Dinner – Boiled Lamb
Tea – Cold Mutton
Grand Evening Concert. Ethel & Hilda sing & are complimented by Captain
256 Miles

Sunday, Nov 13 /10

Rough at Sea. Boat Dips. Seas wash over Bows.
Breakfast – Eggs & Bacon.
Dinner – Roast Pork, Apple Sauce & Vegetables, Boiled Plumb Pudding, Fruit.
Tea – Red Herrings
10:30 – Morning Service
3:00 – Bible Class on Wheel House Deck.
7 – Singing Service – well know hymns
9th day no Boat in sight
246 Miles
Monday 14th Nov / 10

Breakfast – Porridge, Coffee, Chop
Dinner – Boiled Rabbitt
Tea – Beef & Pickles
Cold Day – entering winter.
Saw an Albatross.
Rough Sea. We were soaked.
Interviewed Purser.
253 Miles
Tuesday, 15th Nov / 10

Breakfast – Steak & Tomato Sauce
Dinner – Steak Pie, Peas & c.
Tea – Apple Jelly, Boiled Lamb.
Played Cricket during Morn.
Hide & seek & skipping evening.
High Seas.
256 Miles
Wednesday, 16th Nov / 10

Breakfast – Herring
Dinner – Mutton, Harricots [haricots – green beans] & c., Rice & Apples.
Tea – Cold Lamb & Beet root.
Beautiful Moon. High Seas.
263 Miles
Thursday, 17 Nov /10

Sun shining, High Seas.
Saw a Black Petrol [Petrel] – Bird of Warning.
Breakfast – Steak
Football on Ford Deck 5 – A side
Dinner – Beef &C., Plum Pudding
Tea – Dry Hash, & c.
Very rough Sea & beautiful. Several Stormy Petrol [petrel] Birds at sea.
Passed closely to “Britain” a Union Castle vessel. Much cheering. Their captain signaled, “Crippen Hanged & Le Neve doing well” [1910 relevant news story: Hawley Crippen, the first criminal caught using wireless communication… He was later hanged in London… In 1901, he met the 18-year old Ethel Le Neve, they married & her murdered her. ]
Ethel & Hilda to sing at concert, “Juanita” [Likely Caroline Norton’s song “Juanita” (1853), designed for performance in Victorian middle-class parlors, tells a simple tale of unrequited love for a young woman.]
Friday, 18th Nov / 10

Breakfast – Porridge & Beef or Stewed Steak
Dinner – Irish Stew, Dumplins & c.
Tea – Cold Mutton, Pickles, & c., apple jelly
Morning – Passed a Castle Line Boat. Signaled.
Rather cold. Beautiful sea & sky’s.
Several large Albertross [Albatross] (very cruel Birds measuring 9ft aross) flying aft & across boat.
Saturday, 19th Nov /10

Cape Town sighted 10:30 last night & in view at 4:00 this morning. Captain knocked us up & we were on deck at 5:15. Then had a game at cricket & then Breakfast.
Breakfast – Chop
Beautifully Sunny – less wind
Passed Birkenhead Rock, S.A. [Near Gansbaai, Western Cape, South Africa, on which the HMS Birkenhead (1845) was wrecked]
Dinner – Soup, Mutton & c., Rice & Prunes.
Tea – Currie & Rice
Supper – Chip Potatoes.
Wonderful Sunset. Magnificent Moon.

Sunday, 29th Nov /10

Breakfast – Eggs & Bacon
Dinner – Boiled Pork, Peas Pudding & c., Fruit & Plumb Pudding.
Tea – Cold Beef.
Service 10:45.
Slight Rain rest of day – beautiful.
Watched Immence [immense] Albatross, monohawks & Ice Birds; also several whales.
7:00 Singing Service.
Wonderful Starlight night now in Indian Ocean.
Stayed up till 12:00 to see wonderful Moon through Captain’s telescope.

Monday, 21st Nov /10

Breakfast – Steak, Porridge & c.
Dinner – Steak pie.
Morning – Rained a little. Sports. Sack Racing, Skipping, Children’s Concert, Whist drive.
Beautiful afternoon, very Hot Sun.
Hundreds of very large Birds. We enter for Family Dress Ball.
Hilda represents “Light”, Ethel – “Pharoh’s daughter, Me – a Russian.
All day preparing dresses. Great Fun.
296 Miles.
Tuesday, 22nd Nov / 10

Breakfast – Chop
Dinner – Mutton, Peas & c.
Tea – Cold Beef.
Sports Continued & Nigger Troupe in evening [Likely a Minstrel Show]
High wind.
Rough night.
296 Miles
Wednesday, Nov 23 / 10

Breakfast – Fish & Stewed Steak
Gale Blowing, High Seas & Sharp & heavy rain.
Dinner – Mutton
Tea – Cottage Pie
Rough Morning. Seas Sweep deck.
296 Miles
Thursday 24 Nov /10

Breakfast – Chop
Dinner – Beef, Plum Pudding
Teas – Cold Lamb
Cigar from Capt. Played Whist with him.
Cold morning. Beautiful Sun afternoon & evening.
Whist Drive evening
Sports all day.
Fog all night. Siren continually blowing.
287 Miles.
Friday 25 Nov /10

Breakfast – Stewed Steak
Dinner – Boiled Beef, Dumplings & c.
Tea – Currie & Rice & Tinned Meat.
Sports continued.
Rather bold. Played Whist with Capt.
Dance on Aft Deck evening.
303 Miles
Saturday 26 Nov / 10

Breakfast – Sausage & Hash
Dinner – Boiled Mutton & Sauce
Tea – Cold Mutton. very nice
Sports continued. Ladies & Gents Cricket Match.
Ethel & Hilda in ladies team. Gents have to bowl & play left handed.
Fine Sunny Morning. Dull afternoon.
Watched whales. Concert tonight. Ethel to sing. Great fun.
Stewards go on Strike 5 minutes before Tea. return about 1/2 hour later.
311 Miles
Sunday Nov 27 / 10

Weather stormy.
Breakfast – Egg & Bacon
Dinner – Roast, Apple Sauce & c.
Tea – Hot Pot
10:30 Service.
Beautiful afternoon.
Cold evening. Captain gave me some cigars. Had an interview with him.
Evening Singing Service.
Reading Adam Bede
297 Miles
Monday, 28 / Nov 10

Rough night.
Breakfast – Steaks
Dinner – Lamb & c.
Tea – Hot Pot
Awful seas, Mountain High, washing over decks, all ports & Hatches closed.
In cabins – crockery smashed. Things rattling everywhere & so are people.

Tuesday, 29 / 10

Breakfast – Sausage & mash [mashed potatoes]
Dinner – Steak pie
Tea – Cold lamb
Ethel poorly. Awful rough.
Sports postponed. Mountainous Seas.

The Outlook of the Post

As I learn more about how to manage this blog, I will begin by introducing the concept. My plan is to transcribe the wonderful writings (letters, meditations and other things written by family members of prior generations) of our family members.

Included in these are letters written to Harold Peach (my grandfather on my father’s side) around the era of WWI. These letters were written by Grandad’s mother (my great grandmother, Sarah E Peach) his father and his brothers. I will try to include some context, as I know it from historical perspective or from remembered discussions with family.

Other writings include daily meditations from Samuel Wilfred Harding (my grandfather on my mother’s side) who wrote his thoughts on his own musings on current readings of his day. Many are very spiritual and demonstrate his own perception of the world he lived in in the early and mid 20th century.

There may be other writings I include as they become available to me.

As I transcribe the material, I will do so as I see the material in front of me. Then, I will add what I think would be appropriate spelling and punctuation for the context of the writing. Thus, you will see the ‘original’ writing and then, the interpreted writing.

I will scan some of the documents and upload them so you can view some of the original documents in their handwritten form. I will be happy to scan additional documents as requested.

I hope you enjoy the postings and do want your feedback. If there are ways in which I can make this more interesting or visually appealing, I will take any suggestions as I learn this process of blogging.

Thanks for your interest and your feedback.